Thursday, September 27, 2012

Orange vests rule: Mashable covers Newforma Punch List tablet app

Most people are not aware that the design and construction industry has a quality control process. That novelty qualifies the Newforma Punch List tablet app for inclusion in an article that also covers tablet usage in garbage trucks, utility trucks and police cars!

02_PunchList_AddingContentIn “You Won’t Expect to Find Tablets in These 4 Workplaces,” freelance writer Rob Lammle outlines four orange-vest workplaces that contrast with the white-collar locations some hipsters may consider the appropriate settings for cool technology.

With the establishment of a dedicated web and mobile app development team, you can expect more such products from Newforma, too.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Newforma Takes the Bull by the Horn at the Nugget 2012 User Conference

Nugget 2012 Attendees Download Mobile Apps
Day #2 at Newforma's User Conference, Nugget 2012, was not all work and no play.

Attendees took part in a full day of sessions involving five tracks that mirror Newforma’s focus on helping all members of AEC/O project teams connect and share information. The sessions provided valuable information on best practices in PIM from the unique perspective of each audience – architects and engineers involved in the design phase of a project; general contractors, construction managers, design-build companies, and specialty subcontractors involved in the construction phase; and owners managing new building construction.

In addition there is a technical track for Newforma administrators, a hands-on lab for those who prefer to learn by doing, and a usability lab where customers can test new mobility apps and product features.

Day # 2 also included an impressive line-up of speakers from AEC/O firms of every size including Affiliated Engineers, Inc., BOND, GSBS Architects, Grunley Construction, HTNB, Haskell, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, LMN Architects, LPA, John Moriarty & Associates, PageSoutherlandPage, Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc., Perkins+Will, SHW Group, and Skender Construction, will present best practices for PIM and participate in panel discussions at the event.

As the sun set in the Texas sky and the sessions were over the fun got underway in Ft. Worth known as the "City of Cowboys and Culture." One hardy group of Newforma staff tried their skills at mechanical bull riding....we suggest that they stick to their day jobs!

Now on to the final day of Nugget 2012...let the learning and fun continue.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Everything's Big in Texas Including Newforma's User Conference Nugget 2012

Nugget 2012, Newforma's User Conference, is underway in Ft. Worth Texas and day one included eye opening presentations around Newforma's Grand Unification plan for AEC/O and exciting news about what's coming in the way of new technology.

Dan Conery, Newforma VP of Construction Solutions, opened the conference on Monday, September 17, 2012 by using Newforma's Field Notes app technology to quickly and easily text the audience and capture the entry highlighting the capabilities of one of two new mobile apps debuting at Nugget 2012.

Newforma CEO, Ian Howell, welcomed all the customers and partners to Texas, some of whom came to the event from as far away as Australia.  Ian shared all the exciting news since the last user conference including the launch of Newforma Project Cloud from the acquisition of Attolist, the licensing of the M-SIX VEO technology and our new mobile + web development team.

In keeping with the Texas theme Bob Batcheler, Executive VP of Strategy, donned a 10 gallon hat for his presentation. He proceeded to outline Newforma's grand unification plan for AEC/O.

Day # 2 is well underway with five separate tracks covering Newforma Project Center, Newforma Project Analyzer, Implementation and Configuration, Construction Solutions, and Hands-on and Usability Labs.

Nugget 2012 runs through Wednesday, September 19. Stay tuned for more updates from the frontline or watch Twitter with the #nugget2012 hashtag for the latest information.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Best Information Wins

In the event of a dispute in the course of a design and construction project, the organization with the best information usually comes out on top.

Indiana Jones warehouseNow, let’s say you have great information but you cannot get your hands on it. Where do you stand?

Now is a good time to revisit Batch’s Box Theory of Project Information and Knowledge Management and its corollary:

  • Theory: As the time and effort required to manage and find information goes up, the effective value of the information goes down.
  • Corollary: If you can’t find information when you need it, its value is zero.

Our job is to raise the value of your project information by making that information easy to manage and find.

Our job is to see to it that you win.