Friday, June 17, 2011

Nugget 2011 – A Look Back

It is hard to believe that more than a month has already passed since we wrapped up the last session of Nugget 2011, our first annual user conference. It was an amazing event that brought together a wide range of our customers from all across the globe. While our newly released Newforma Project Center Eighth Edition was one of the focal points of the conference, the real stars were our customers and their interaction with the Newforma Team. You can’t have a great user conference without great customers, and our customers are the best in the business.

There was great dialogue between customers and with the team from Newforma on various topics. Thought-provoking questions were asked and answered. Tips and tricks were shared over delicious meals and best practices were discussed over cold beverages. We even gave our customers a sneak peak at a new product in development, Newforma Project Analzyer.

All in all, Nugget 2011 accomplished everything we wanted it to and it was a total success from our perspective. But you don’t have to take our word on it, here are some of the quotes we received from our customers:

“Very impressive. Very timely. Very much in keeping
with the spirit of Newforma and well presented.”

“One of the best "best practices" presentations”

“Looking forward to making mobile available
to my users and external team members”

“Exciting stuff, can't wait to use it!”

“Great information and excellent presentations!”

“All panel members were very insightful!”

“Awesome, knowledgeable presenter”

“Well prepared, energetic, great support for Q&A”

“Great "one on one feel" to presentations and discussions.
We appreciate you listening to our comments & suggestions.”

“Your Newforma staff are smarter than the average bear.”

We realize we’ve set the bar pretty high for the next event, especially since all the attendees said they plan on coming back next year. However, we love challenges here at Newforma and the planning is already underway for an even better Nugget 2012 conference. We hope to see you there!

P.S. For those Newforma Customers who missed the event, all is not lost. We did record the audio and Powerpoint presentations of the sessions and have made them available for purchase. Simply call me, Steve Bracy, at 603-625-6212 x304 and we’ll be more than happy to provide them to you. But next year, you’ll want to be there in person!

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