Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Information management, resource management, and project management

Our new release of Newforma Project Analyzer takes the next step in combining project resource management with project information management to improve overall project management.

NPA_icon-Budget-largeNewforma Project Analyzer provides a complete view of project performance by combining detailed staffing, planning, scheduling, and budget information with your accounting system’s cost and billing data.

NPA_icon-Track-largeAnd when we say “it provides a complete view,” we mean it. Newforma Project Analyzer depends heavily on graphs and charts to display data. You literally get the big picture of where your projects stand (if you’re a PM) and where your firms stands (if you’re an architecture or engineering firm principal).

From a broader perspective, Newforma Project Analyzer demonstrates the next step in our development of the industry’s most comprehensive, integrated solution to manage the different forms of information you encounter in delivering building and infrastructure projects.

  • Is your email a mess? We put it in a project and task context.
  • Is contract management an administrative hairball? We provide tools that allow you to manage submittals, RFIs and their ilk with ease and confidence.
  • Is your financial and resource data scattered and structured for the accounting team? We pull it together and put it in a form useable by project managers and principals.

Those are just three examples, of dozens.

To learn more about the latest version of Newforma Project Analyzer, read this press release.


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