Friday, June 8, 2012

What’s It Take to Bridge the Design-Build Divide?

A new ebook by our own Susan McDowell documents the way Newforma software won over both sides of a major D-B company.

imageMost project management software has been built for one side of the industry or another, the construction side or the architecture/engineering side. Perhaps that’s why Susan, as the technology application manager for a successful design-build company, was unable to get her 100 or so A/E colleagues to embrace the company’s old project management software. The construction staff readily embraced the old system, but the design side resisted. The software didn’t really work the way they did.

In “Bridging the Design-Build Divide,” Susan, who is now Newforma’s director of construction solutions, describes how Newforma software got the design and build sides of to work as a truly integrated team, in concert with external stakeholders.

imageSusan says Newforma software helped the D-B company chip away at the walls that divided the different facets of a project team: design and construction, internal and external, home office and field.

“Bridging the Design-Build Divide” is free and requires no registration to read; download the PDF here.

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