Thursday, July 26, 2012

Newforma Delivers One-Two Punch to Competitors

Construction companies are always looking for ways to be lean, mean fightin' machines, and today's economic climate only reinforces that truth. And when a young tech company threatens to out-punch an established competitor, its customers stand to gain.

This is particularly evident when reviewing those companies who made the Constructech 50 list. According to Constructech editors, the list of influential technology providers in the construction arena is going through a transformation. Many who were once key placers are at risk of finding themselves replaced by some new kids on the block.

Constructech says, "The project management technology segment is a perfect example. Perseverance has paid off as the company (Newforma) makes its debut on this list, and might even begin to challenge some of the stalwarts in the project-management segment."

The reason Newforma is nipping at the heels of the established project management companies is because we help people manage project information as well as their projects. According to Constructech, "PIM relates to the management of not only project data, but supportive documentation and tasks that fall out of the normal range of IT systems." And this is where Newforma offers up a one-two punch: We offer project management plus information management - something the others do not.

Constructech concludes that, "As the market continues to shake out, only the strong are showing they can survive. It's not by coincidence the companies on the Constructech 50 represent the future of construction technology."

Newforma is strong and ready for the challenge!

Read the complete Constructech article on up-and-coming companies here.

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