Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Web marketing: What the CE News story is missing

Client service. That’s the more powerful way a website builds your business. A good marketing-oriented website is important, but the real potential of a website is to lower the costs and raise the quality of service to existing clients.

Springfield Construction Project Home pageWeb marketing: What firms are missing,” in the July edition of CE News, does a good job of describing requirements for a marketing website, but it misses this idea that client service is what the web was made to provide.

Newforma Touch smartphone accessA client-service-oriented AEC website improves service and lowers costs as clients gain the ability to share files, track action items, view transmittal logs, manage submittals and more without tying up your personnel.

Take good care of clients and partners, and they’ll not only come back to you, but they’ll also refer new business your way. Now there’s a marketing website!

Client service is the more powerful way a website builds your business. And that’s just what your Newforma Info Exchange website does for your company.

P.S. Put that client service website on a smartphone, as Newforma Touch does, and prospective customers will really be impressed.

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