Friday, February 8, 2013

Passing a milestone: Newforma customers are indexing the information of more than 1 million projects

We had been anticipating this milestone for months. As we’ve added customers and as customers have accrued work, the total number of projects being indexed by Newforma servers has been growing by nearly 10,000 a month.Alan Gifford in 1 Million Project t-shirt

Newforma’s Alan Gifford was kind enough to model a collector’s t-shirt to celebrate the milestone. (“Nice work catching my good side!” Alan said.)

What does one million projects mean?

It’s 1.25 billion files.

It’s 250 million emails.

It’s 7.3 million transmittals.

It’s 1.1 million requests for information.

It’s 600,000 submittals.

You might say the achievement is extra large.

All thanks go to our customers, who have made this achievement possible. Good luck to you as you transform the design and construction business from one marked by high risk and humble productivity gains to being truly collaborative, productive and successful in every sense of the word.

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