Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Newforma Project Analyzer - Project planning, resource management and reporting for project managers and A/E firm executives

Yesterday we announced the availability of our newest product, Newforma Project Analyzer. This is an awesome product that provides project planning, resource management and reporting for architectural and engineering project managers and firm executives in a dynamic, interactive, highly visual format. It pulls live project data directly from your financial system to facilitate what-if scenarios and real time decision making concerning project scopes, budgets, and staffing for individual projects, groups of projects or the entire firm.

The idea behind the solution - Our solution was born out of the real life challenges that our customers face every single day. Customers having to work with multiple spreadsheets dispersed around the firm makes it difficult to assemble the necessary information at an executive level to make adequate decisions. In addition, the firm is left with varying processes delivering varying quality among the project management team. The need to continually communicate with the accounting team to get visibility into even the most routine sets of data creates frustration and inefficiencies.

Here are some of the quotes we heard along the way:
“Every one of my project managers has their own spreadsheet for planning and managing their projects.”

“I know the information my project managers need is in our financial system; I just wish they could get to it in real-time to use it more effectively as they are making decisions.”

“We make money on 80% of our projects, but that 20% is killing us!”

“There is no standardized way to review and assess the health of each and every one of our projects on a regular basis.”

“Our billing process always bogs down in the project managers’ review of invoices.”

“Why can’t every job be as profitable as the projects done by Jim’s team? How can we replicate his process?”
Newforma Project Analyzer solves these problems and more! Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Newforma Project Analyzer:

Standardize project management - Newforma Project Analyzer encourages the development of standard project management and reporting processes across the office or the entire firm, increasing transparency, reducing risk and increasing profitability.

Improve decision making - Newforma Project Analyzer improves decision making by providing A/E project managers the tools to schedule, plan, track and report project financial performance. It also allows A/E firm executives to have the information at their fingertips to view graphical projections that illustrate the impacts of various scenarios.

Achieve broad adoption - Newforma Project Analyzer achieves broad adoption because it presents real-time project information in a highly visual manner that makes it easy to learn and easy to use. It is also easy to implement and easy to administer in a single office or across multiple offices.

Monitor & control project performance - Newforma Project Analyzer provides the tools that allow you to quickly and visually assess the performance of projects against budget, then drill into any area that warrants closer examination.

In summary, Newforma Project Analyzer is geared to deliver visibility and tools for both the project manager and firm executives. Information that the project manager routinely manages for purposes of tracking and controlling their projects is available in real-time for the executive team to roll-up into a firm view to facilitate projections and forecasting.

If you want to see a quick overview of the product, we have a 3-minute demonstration video on the Newforma Project Analyzer product product page or you can schedule your own personal presentation by emailing us at or calling us at +1-603-625-6212 Option 1.

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