Friday, July 8, 2011

Prouty Ultimate 2011 - Ride, Jesse, Ride

Our CEO, Ian Howell, was able to capture this live action shot of Jesse Devitte cycling through the streets of Goffstown, NH as he started on his journey towards completing the 200 mile bike ride in The Prouty Ultimate. Jesse, a Co-Founder & Founding Investor of Newforma, is supporting a great cause with his ride. He and Team Borealis have combined to raise over $86k for The Prouty and their support of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

If you're interested in supporting Jesse and Team Borealis in the The Prouty, it isn't too late. You can visit their team page and make a contribution. It is all being done for a great cause!

As for Jesse, so far, so good. He has passed the day one challenge and survived the grueling first 100 miles (99.02 according to his Garmin) to cross the finish line with a smile. In fact, he was able to finish his ride in just under 8 hours! Nice work Jesse!

For those data driven folks out there who like to see some numbers associated with his ride, here are the stats, courtesy of his Garmin device. Check out the elevation gain. Pretty impressive!

And, for those people who like to see some colorful charts & graphs, here are some nice eye-candy visuals on his ride. Those hills from 40 to 60 miles look pretty tough!

Tomorrow is another day, and another 100 miles to go, but I'm sure Jesse will tackle the ride like he does everything, with gusto! Good luck Jesse!

Tomorrow is also the start of The Prouty for Team Borealis members who didn't go for The Prouty Ultimate. We wish all of them the best of luck as well. Happy Cycling Team Borealis!

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