Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Complex projects require team-wide project coordination

A recently published project case study, General Contractor Strengthens Ability to Win, Manage and Deliver Projects, showcases how Nibbi Brothers General Contractors successfully uses Newforma enterprise software to manage their project information and improve project team collaboration.

Even though projects continue to get more and more complex, contractors are expected to complete their work faster than ever and with fewer mistakes. For many general contractors this a problem but not for Nibbi Construction.

Newforma to Newforma icon-Connect“Our most successful projects have resulted from highly collaborative approaches to complex technical challenges,” Nibbi President Bob Nibbi said. “As the construction marketplace moves in this direction, we become more competitive.”
Nibbi recognized that a complete construction solution would improve coordination resulting in reduced cost and fewer mistakes. They have seen improvements in managing their email, processing submittals, RFIs and other project documents, as well as improving coordination and collaboration with project partners and Nibbi professionals working in the field.
The Exploratorium @ Pier 15 project is just such an example. As Assistant Project Manager Jill Brown explains, "On the Exploratorium project, supervisors, superintendents, partner architects and subcontractors are submitting and responding to RFIs an submittals using Newforma software. We've eliminated potential errors and tremendous amount of data reentry." In fact, Nibbi has had so much success coordinating with the partner architect, EHDD Architecture, EHDD just purchased Newforma software themselves.
As Bob points out, “All of our communications – email, transmittals, RFIs, submittals, changer orders and more – presents a consistent professional image that promotes clarity and confidence."
Read firsthand how Nibbi Construciton has used Newforma to improve team coordination allowing them to win more work, accelerate turnaround, avoid disputes, manager their risk and stay on schedule.

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