Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fear the punch list no more...Newforma to the rescue

Oh the punch list's a mixed bag of emotions! On one hand you're ecstatic, the job is a reality (wood, steel, glass, paint) and there you stand in all its glory.

But, on the other hand, is angst... the punch list walkthrough can be a tedious process, one fraught with miscommunication, data entry and reentry, and the fumbling of plans and notebooks.

Fear the punch list no more...Newforma to the rescue and Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects (ZGF) can attest to it.

In fact, according to ZGF Associate Partner Alan Gerencer, "I really love it! Using the app on our tablets gave us a way to take Newforma Project Center into the field and to bring field data back to the office. It's saving time and mitigating the risk of mishandled items that may jeopardize quality."

The app automatically transfers field info to records back in the office so you can get right to work organizing and assigning items to the responsible parties. And for contractors not using tablets they can receive their punch lists on a spreadsheet or PDF.

Read firsthand about ZGF's use of Newforma Punch list and how it has shortened the time to project closeout, eliminated fumbling with notebooks and paper plans, allows for the seamless exchange of information and much more.

Who knows, with Newforma Punch List you might just look forward to the punch list process now.

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