Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How the Action Items activity center tames email, keeps me current and prevents tasks from slipping through cracks

I wonder if your brain operates like mine?

1. Because my memory is poor, I make notes of what I need to do.

Sticky note man2. Because email is essentially a series of notes, I save them to recall what needs to be done.

3. To recall where I’ve saved emails, I put them in places designated for those purposes. (By whatever odd tweak of neurochemistry, I can remember places and spaces.)

Ergo, to know what needs to be done, I go to the places where I save things.

Why I love the Newforma Action Items activity center

The Action Items activity center provides me with an organized, convenient place to organize notes, emails and documents related to a given task.

Filing emails is easy. I click “Send and File in Project” to place emails in whichever Action Item is appropriate. Or I just drag them from Outlook and drop them in the activity center.

For example, I’m working on a new brochure for the Newforma Design Suite of products. Like most projects, it has proceeded in fits and starts. To see where I left off, all I need do is skim the most recent emails.

Never got a reply from my last request? Just send that email again, schedule a meeting, or phone to follow up.

Action Items markup

Everything related to the action item shows up in one place. Documents are filed where they belong, but they appear here!

Like the old days, only better

In the days of paper, I would file my notes and project information in folders. When I switched to Microsoft Office Outlook email, I took to making notes and copying emails in Outlook Tasks created for each project.

Newforma Action Items allow me to organize work the same way, only more easily.

And that’s how I’ve come to be such a good manager.  Winking smile

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