Friday, October 19, 2012

Punch List Pictures – Old and New

Punch list detail - old wayA customer submitted this demonstration of the way they would point out problems in punch list items before they started using our Punch List tablet app.

Contrast that labor-intensive approach to the way we do it with the app, using built-in markup tools.

Newforma_Punch_List-iPad-fire_extinguisherGranted, the Newforma method is not as sociable. The person doing the walk-through can do it alone, without a companion. But aside from that minor drawback (and I’m kidding, of course), I suspect most people would rather use the markup tools.

Newforma Punch List tablet app - marked-up photo

The app’s integration with our enterprise software saves time managing the captured items, too. As Array HFS’s Jolene Worobetz tweeted, she was able to punch a job yesterday and issue the list to the contractor this morning!

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