Monday, March 26, 2012

What’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine, and what we need to share, we share seamlessly, securely and easily

Newforma to Newforma icon-ConnectA project info case study just published showcases two Newforma customers using a game-changing technology to streamline project delivery.

Newforma to Newforma Revolutionizes Project Delivery” is the title of a new case study featuring Cannon Design and GSBS Architects. They’re joining forces on a new student life center at Utah Valley University.

Collaboration will be easier than ever thanks to a new technology that’s part of the most recent edition of Newforma enterprise software for project information management.

Newforma-to-Newforma technology creates a direct link between Newforma servers. Once the connection is established for a project, team members are not required to do anything different in their use of the Newforma PIM solution.

Minimal impact on existing work processes

Newforma to Newforma icon-SecureWhen you wish to share project information or include someone in a supported work process, just specify the team members you’re sharing with. Newforma software routes the request and associated notifications via Newforma Info Exchange or Newforma to Newforma, depending on the team member’s connection status.

If the recipient is part of a Newforma to Newforma connection, they’re notified and the shared information just shows up, either in the designated project folder on their network or in the appropriate Newforma Project Center log, such as those for submittals or action items, for instance.

If the recipient is an external project team member who is NOT part of a Newforma to Newforma connection, recipients receive an email with a link they click to connect them to the sender’s Newforma Info Exchange server, where the information awaits retrieval.

Retained control of project records

Regardless of how team members connect, the system captures complete and accurate audit trails for every piece of information being shared.

Reduced latency in design/review coordination cycle time

GSBS Architects Principal Garth Shaw, AIA, LEED® AP BD+C, says Newforma to Newforma leads directly to improved client service. “Time we save sharing and coordinating models, drawings, RFIs and submittals is time we can spend on design
and construction,” Garth said.

Read the new case study here!

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